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        November 2017  


Can your vendor do this???

Does the website owner
that you ordered from
put everything together
for you here locally
and assemble all the
nuts, bolts, washers
and "pieces-parts"
when you order something
online ???
We do all that for free
for Cleveland, Ohio customers
here in Cleveland, Ohio
that is.....if you buy it from us.

Sorry, we have no plans
to deliver by drone or to
buy-up old Cleveland
shopping malls

(external link)
and convert them
into automated
distribution hubs.

Our inbound
package delivery workers
are our friends
and our neighbors
and our 50-lb parcels
are too heavy for small drone delivery anyhow.

French Creek offers
free local assembly
free local local delivery
in greater Cleveland, Ohio.

February 1, 2017

As of February 1st, 2017
the shipping rate
for orders containing
only electrodes
is now $ 7.15
per order.
More details HERE

September 1, 2016

To better serve customers
we go on a search
for apparel manufactures
who have less "distribution rules".
We begin to transition
to new brands of
scrub tops
scrub pants
scrub jackets
for 2017.
An "invitation to bid" for
• scrub manufacturers
• scrub stores in USA
• uniform distributors

July 20, 2016

Get on the

As we see more and more clinics
make the switch to
latex-free exercise resistance band
we are stocking an increasing number of these
latex free band sku numbers here in greater Cleveland, Ohio.

French Creek Medical is also seeing
lots of "me-too" latex-free resistance band products
arriving on the scene daily.
It seems that most major distributors
are now rolling out
their own "private label house-brand"
of this category - each brand with its own
CrAzY color scheme
for each resistance level
to understand and remember...

Certainly, French Creek Medical
made the decision early on
to source this product
thru a supply chain
from Chattanooga, Tennessee
directly to
Avon, Ohio
and from only one vendor:
Magister Corporation.
It is the opinion of French Creek Medical
that Magister's REP Band®
is the one of the original - and best
latex-free band products

French Creek Medical
is your source for REP band®
with free local delivery
within Cleveland, Ohio
and affordable shipping
everywhere else!

Link to 6-Yard Latex-Free REP band

Link to 50-Yard Latex-Free REP band

New REP Band® items for August 2016:

REP Band® 3-Pack Exercise Kits

Each 3-Pack Exercise Kit includes
three (3) each of the pre-cut
4 foot lengths
of REP Band®
and a simple exercise guide.
• Light Resistance Kit (Levels 1,2,3)
• Medium Resistance Kit (Levels 2,3,4)
• Heavy Resistance Kit (Levels 3,4,5)

5 foot pre-cut lengths of REP Band®
(Polybagged and sold by each color/resistance)

March 21, 2016:
French Creek Medical
rolls-out coupon code
for free local delivery
in Cleveland, Ohio.

The coupon code
may be used on our website
to place orders for physical therapy supplies
with free local delivery
within Cleveland, Ohio.

The letter below explains
free local delivery in Cleveland, Ohio
and the new coupon code for use
with a "ship to" address that is
within our free delivery area.
(Click for full size)

May 2015: French Creek Medical
wins a new delivery van in the
"City Express to Success" Challenge

Image of future French Creek Medical delivery van

Deliveries to local customers
are being made
using a new, logotyped
French Creek Medical delivery van
that the company won in recent
"City Express to Success Challenge."

· FREE nationwide shipping
of any item with a

· What makes it
"French Creek" Medical ?

· Visit to Cleveland Museum
of Natural History
educational & worthwhile
for all ages.

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Clearance Items
(Please note:
The inventory
of clearance items
is limited.
We are
clearing out
the warehouse
of this brand.
First come/first served!)

Product DescriptionPrice
Medicine Cups,
1 OZ, Graduated Plastic,
Sleeve of 100 each
Adhesive Remover Pads,
Box of 100 each
Wire Glove Dispenser
White Hand Towels,
100% cotton
sized 16" x 27"
One Dozen
Shoe Covers, Blue
box of 100 each
Pillowcases, 42" x 34",
One Dozen
(55% cotton • 45% polyester)

credentialing document(s)
for hospital
materials managers:


for our
hospital sales rep
Tom with
French Creek Medical

• In this episode, our hospital sales rep
Tom with French Creek Medical
gets a flu shot to be in compliance.

French Creek Medical Television

Tom Wible:
Serving customers
-in one capacity or another-
for over 20 years
from Cleveland, Ohio.
Tom Wible in physical therapy supply sales in Cleveland, Ohio from 1996 to 2015
(Tom began serving customers
in 1996 as an employee
at a physical therapy supply
start-up venture.
More recently,
he is at the helm
of French Creek Medical
which began
shortly after year 2003.)

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