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local delivery
is available
to customers in
Cleveland, Ohio
five county area.
No minimum order.
No membership fee.
Use coupon code
at checkout.
Click for details.

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Free local delivery in Cleveland, Ohio.
Here's how to place the order online

Tom with French Creek Medical explains
how the freight cost gets deleted
and replaced with "free shipping"
when the order has a "ship to" address
that is within Cleveland, Ohio.

-No minimum order is required.

-No membership fee is required.

Have another question?
Call Tom with French Creek Medical at
We are here to serve you weekdays
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday thru Friday
Often we'll pick up a ringing phone at other times too - so just call Tom !

Cleveland, Ohio
and a map of the
free local delivery area.

Free local delivery area
is defined by county lines.

Free local delivery
in Cleveland, Ohio....

and affordable shipping
to everywhere else!


Use the coupon code
listed below
for free local delivery
in Cleveland, Ohio:

Please read

before keying in the

"conditional use coupon code"

into the shopping cart:

Condition of Use:

The use of the following coupon code is conditional:

This coupon code below

may only be used for customers

with a "ship to" address

within the French Creek Medical "free local delivery area"

of Greater Cleveland, Ohio

Using this wrapped delivery van
French Creek Medical delivers orders
around greater Cleveland, Ohio to:
physical therapy clinics,
chiropractic clinics,
sports medicine clinics,
athletic training facilities,
private practice clinics
hospital receiving docks.

We also distribute
many (but not all) items
directly to
residential customers
within the current rules
mindful of product labeling.

Please know
that some products
we may only distribute
to licensed practitioners
such as a physical therapist
or to a hospital.
These "clinician-only products"
will have no "add to cart" button
so they can't be added
to the shopping cart on our website.
Also these Rx only and Class II medical device
products will contain the verbage:
"Federal law restricts this device
to sale by or on the order
of a physician."

We are not a pharmacy.
Therefore we don't have the ability
to process a script for the general public.

Moving on...

So, in addition to the "van delivery method"
often times, we will just ship the order
by United Parcel Service
or by US Mail
when the order is going to
a residential address within Cleveland, Ohio.

(We just waive shipping cost
if the order has a "ship to"
address within Cleveland, Ohio)
Free local delivery area defined:

Free local delivery area is defined
as any deliverable point within:

Lorain County of Ohio

Medina County of Ohio

Cuyahoga County of Ohio

Lake County of Ohio

Geauga County of Ohio

This Coupon Code is for use
within greater Cleveland, Ohio only.

Keying-in this coupon code when the "ship to" address is
outside of the "free local delivery area"
(outside of Cleveland, Ohio)
will make the out-of-town order
null and void.

Here's how
our free local delivery
in Cleveland, Ohio works:

1. No minimum order
is required
for free delivery
in Greater Cleveland, Ohio area:

2. No Membership fee is required:

We don't require you to join
a "free shipping club"
or pony-up
a "membership fee"
to receive
the free local delivery in Cleveland, Ohio
from French Creek Medical.

Free shipping is available
to all customers
and to all prospective customers
within the Cleveland, Ohio
free delivery area.

"Free local delivery" will become
an available shipping method
when the coupon code (listed below)
is keyed into the checkout page.

The Coupon Code Revealed:

The coupon code
for free local delivery within Cleveland, Ohio is:


This coupon code is case-sensitive.
This coupon code is all lowercase with no spaces.

If your "ship to" address is within our free local delivery area
of Cleveland Ohio, simply key-in
the coupon code
at checkout
and hit "APPLY" button.
Then, the "free local delivery" method
will appear as a shipping method
when you click the "recalculate" button.
(see the image below for more detail)

The code
deletes all of the shipping costs from the order
and is valid only with a "ship to" address
within the free delivery area
of Cleveland, Ohio.

Pictured below
is a screen capture
from this website
that details a hypothetical checkout page:

How to apply the coupon code in two steps:

Moving on......

If you have items in shopping cart already
then click HERE to return to checkout page

When you return to the checkout page:

Cleveland, Ohio customers:
Simply input the code for free local delivery
within Cleveland, Ohio.


Non-Cleveland, Ohio customers:
Simply proceed with applicable shipping costs
and no coupon code

(unless the item has green truck icon
which denotes free nationwide shipping)

and we will ship your order to the ship to address
that is outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

We ship orders outside of Cleveland, Ohio by
UPS or by US Mail with applicable freight cost.
It is our goal
to provide customers and prospective customers
with the most affordable shipping method possible.
Outside of our Cleveland, Ohio delivery area
the shipping costs on heavier items
can get out of control when we don't deliver the parcel
on our own delivery van.
When we can lose control of our own shipping cost
it affects the health and future of both
French Creek Medical, LLC
and of all small business which is why
applicable freight costs will apply to orders
that are shipped outside of
the Cleveland, Ohio delivery area.

Thanks for your business!
Thanks for choosing French Creek Medical.

If you have any questions

you can reach Tom Wible

by telephone toll-free at:



Send an e-mail to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
about free local delivery:

Frequently asked Question #1 :

How does French Creek Medical
choose a delivery method
for their free local delivery
of medical supplies?


That's a good question!

Keep in mind, the delivery would be
one (1) of these two (2) methods listed below:

Method Number One (1) :
The delivery is placed on-board the
French Creek Medical Delivery Van on an outgoing route.
(the delivery van is a year 2015 Chevy City Express)
With this method, we use our own delivery van to deliver the order.


Method Number Two (2) :
We hand the delivery off to one of our shipping vendors.
With this method, we send the order using a delivery service
- like United Parcel Service, FedEx or the US Mail-
and we waive the freight cost to the customer.

Frequently Asked Question #2

What considerations factor into the decision
about which delivery method to use for
the free local delivery to local customers in Cleveland, Ohio?


We ask ourselves:
"What is the Shipping Weight?"

This includes:
How much does the parcel weigh in pounds?
-and also-
What is the "dimensional weight" or the size of the parcel?

We ask ourselves:
"Is the "Ship to" address residential - or commercial?

We determine if the "ship to"
for the order is a "commercial address"
or a "residential address"....

A "business address" usually has a reception desk
and / or a receiving dock.
Someone is usually there at the business to man
the desk to accept the order on-site - and that's a good thing!

With the "residential address"
some freight carriers have begun to tack-on a large, extra fee
for residential delivery - often upwards of $3.25 per parcel.

US Postal does not charge this residential fee.

If the stop is along the way we'll deliver the residential order
ourselves in our own delivery van and leave the parcel on the front porch.

We ponder:
The weekly route schedule:

As the routes are being put together for that week....
are we going by that particular address already on a route?
(or not?)

We ponder:
The timing for the particular delivery:

Which method will be the quickest delivery for the customer?

Tom with French Creek Medical
heading out on a local delivery.

(created on GIPHY)


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