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local delivery
is available
to customers in
Cleveland, Ohio
five county area.
No minimum order.
No membership fee.
Use coupon code
at checkout.
Click for details.

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Now until July 1, 2018


The OHIO "Milk Run"
from French Creek Medical

of orders over $250
shipped to any OHIO address.

($250 is before
OHIO sales tax
is added to the order.)

This offer is valid now

1. No membership fee is required.
2. There is no formal route schedule.

Just place the order
and we'll get it to you
within a reasonable amount of time
either by USPS, UPS or van delivery
depending upon how things
stack up that week.

Delivery decisions will be made
based on the size and weight of the order
and logistics within our home state of OHIO.

A post card mailer:

In this video, Tom with French Creek Medical
puts together an order on-screen.

You'll see how the freight
algorithm deletes the shipping
at the threshold of $250
when the order is shipped to any address
within the state of Ohio.

A few caveats of
free delivery in OHIO program:

1. Ohio Milk Run free delivery is valid
for orders of $250 or more (before tax)
with a valid "ship to" address
that is within the state of OHIO.

2. The "ship to" address must be
within the state of OHIO to get free delivery
of the order that totals $250 or more.
The address must be a van-deliverable address.
Offer is not valid for P.O. box
delivery because we can't deliver by van
to a post office box.

3. Free delivery is valid on any product(s)
that can be added
to the shopping cart on our website
and when the order totals $250 or more
before sales tax.

4. This program will end on July 1, 2018
but the program might be extended afterwards
upon further evaluation of how
the "Milk Run" program" works out.

5. Orders with a grand total
that is under the $250 threshold
will have a freight cost added
unless the all items in the cart
are specifically marked as
"free nationwide shipping" items
on our website.
$250 or more is the threshold
for free delivery of orders
shipped to any OHIO address .

Meanwhile, we will continue to offer free local delivery
with no minimum order required within Cleveland, Ohio.
For details on the existing free local delivery
program in Cleveland, Ohio click here:
Free local delivery in Cleveland, Ohio.
No minimum order is required.

6. We will end the all-Ohio
free delivery program on July 1, 2018
to evaluate the progress made
and evaluate any "snags" or "hiccups"
in the program.

(This is an all-new program for
French Creek Medical to cover
the entire state of Ohio with free delivery over $250....
so the program might need a few "tweaks"
after the initial evaluation.)

You can order online at
Our website is now configured
for free delivery of orders over $250
shipped to any OHIO address
from now until 07/01/2018.

You can call-in
your purchase order by phone to:
Phone: 1-800-274-6163

You can FAX your purchase order to our 24-hour FAX line at:
Fax: 1-800-274-6165

Need an order form?
You can scroll down to middle of this page
for a FAX order form - if you need one -
although our formal order form is not required
to place an order.
For that matter, you could
scribble the order down
on a beverage napkin,
scan it and e-mail it
and we'd fill the order from that !!!

You can e-mail
your purchase order
to e-mail address:

Suggestion #1:

Have these
here in OHIO
with free delivery!



"Why have it delivered with free delivery in OHIO ???"


Foam rolls are not very heavy.
Nevertheless, the "dimensional weight"
or the "balloon shipping rate"
makes a case of a dozen foam rolls
very expensive to ship by the parcel carrier
that charges by weight and dimensional weight

Pictured in autumn,
a giant-sized case of twelve (12) each
6" x 36" round foam rolls
is being loaded into
the French Creek Medical delivery van.

The case of foam rolls will be delivered
with no freight charge
on board our own delivery van here in OHIO.

When you own the delivery system
you can control the costs associated with delivery
of balloon-weight products.



Why have it delivered
with free delivery in OHIO ?????

Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel

Each 5-liter container
of Ultrasound Gel
weighs over 12-pounds!

A case of four (4) 5-liters
weighs around
fifty (50) pounds!

Have it delivered for free in OHIO

We only carry Aquasonic brand.
Aquasonic is "The World Standard"
of ultrasound gels.

We offer Aquasonic at a great price!

Aquasonic is made in America
in the state of New Jersey.



Why have it delivered
with free delivery in OHIO ?????

OVERSIZE 11 x 21

Heavy to ship


Heavy to ship

Heavy to ship


Ionto is a category
that French Creek Medical
can be very competitive
on due to our long history
and close relations with all of
those people who developed
Iontophoresis products.

Call for a quote to receive
very competitive pricing on
name-brand clinical Iontophoresis
and the all-in-one
"to-go" wearable
Iontophoresis patch too.

This is top quality ionto
and we know
the experienced design team
who built these iontophoresis
electrodes, plus, we have support
from the manufacturer rep who
gave us his cell phone and
with whom we reach out to
on a regular basis.

Iontophoresis electrodes
are very popular items
that we distribute to
PT clinics here in
Cleveland, Ohio.

Just ask anyone
here in the North!

Suggestion #2:

Even if
- for whatever reason -
you decide
that you can't
that you won't
do business
with French Creek Medical....
use this "free delivery offer"
along with our great pricing
to negotiate
for yourself
a better price
to negotiate free shipping
from your existing vendor
who is shipping the product
from far, far away!

Now, if that vendor
won't match the price
- then just order it
from French Creek Medical!

Here's an order form:

Click image at left
to download
The Ohio "Milk Run"
ORDER FORM - in .pdf format

Simply print, fill-out
and FAX the completed form.
We'll process the order
and get in touch with you
about payment methods available.

If you need more pages
to complete a very long order
then simply print the order form
a few times and then,
with a Sharpie marker,
label each page of the long, long order
"Page 1 of 3"
"Page 2 of 3"
"Page 3 of 3"
and so on....

We'll confirm back to you!

We'll call this next section

"Beautiful OHIO" !!!!

And now - here are just a few of the places
that we shall deliver-to and ship-to
from now until July 1st, 2018

As a side note:
These photos were pictured on vacay
during years and summers
of a bygone era.

Nevertheless, the pictures are still good.

The pictures illustrate travel
within our beautiful home - the state of OHIO.

Ashtabula, Ohio:

The port of Ashtabula, Ohio.

Pictured here are the docks of the Ashtabula River.

This is pictured as one looks north and down-river toward our inland sea.
Lake Erie can be seen at the center of the photo on the horizon.

Cincinnati, Ohio:

Cincinnati, Ohio is pictured here from the Kentucky side of the OHIO River.

You probably already know
that the Ohio River
serves as a natural geographic border
between the state of Kentucky (to the south)
and the state of OHIO (to the north).

One interesting fact: The Cincinnati airport is in the state of Kentucky.
Isn't that something?

*Next slide please*

and "Strike up the band..."

Now, here is a picture
near Akron, Ohio
in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls is home
of the beloved,
Blossom Music Center!

This park-like outdoor music venue is
the summer home
of The Cleveland Orchestra
and it is pictured here during their yearly
Fourth of July extravaganza.
(We are HUGE fans!)

Moreover, Blossom Music Center has been a perennial venue for ALL types of music:
Country, pop, rock-n-roll, adult contemporary, R&B, folk - all types of music concerts.

Just hope that it doesn't rain
if you or I bought "the cheap seats" on the lawn;
hahaha !!

The Mid-Ohio area.
Richland County:

The "Richland Carrousel Park"

This fabulous, restored
is located in downtown
Mansfield, Ohio itself !

Uptown Athens, Ohio:

Athens, Ohio is home to OHIO UNIVERSITY
which is known,
among other things,
for its
school of physical therapy.

Kent, Ohio

This is downtown Kent, Ohio.

Just up the road from here
is Kent's eponymous State University....
which is the college alma mater
of Tom with French Creek Medical
Bachelor of Science in Advertising / Marketing
Diploma 1993

Youngstown, Ohio.
Hometown of the person
who wrote
"The McGuffey Reader"
series of children's books.

This is also known as
the "Mahoning Valley" area....

Let it be known
all across the land:
here at French Creek Medical!

Now, for this next photo caption,
I shall quote an excerpt from
"The Little Red Hen"
because the next feature below
is a picture of an OLD MILL
- from a bygone era.

Now, as you read the next quote
read your best, scratchy "Little Red Hen voice"...
you know, for the kiddos.
That's how I'd read the book
when my kids were younger and I'd the book aloud:



"....Who will help me to GR-RRR-IND the WHEAT ??
...and turn it - into FLOUR ??? "

Pictured above is the historic, picturesque
Lanterman's Mill
in Youngstown, Ohio

This is Cincinnati again - but still good !!!

This is Cincinnati's Historic Union Terminal.
A former train station and now a museum
the architecture here is fabulous.
This place almost met the wrecking ball
a few decades ago.

American troops embarked from here.
They boarded trains to go and fight World War II overseas.
Remarkable and moving to ponder,
the main lobby of the train station feels like a sacred place to me.
You must experience it - even if you just walk into that main hall
to ponder time, place and sacrifice.

Also, this picture is historic and meaningful to me, personally - and here's why:
Pictured, to the left, is Tom with French Creek Medical's brother.
Pictured, to the right, is Tom with French Creek Medical's wife.
They are standing in front of the Union Terminal itself with the clock there and all....

Fast forward to year 2017....
Tom with French Creek Medical's brother was taken from us too soon
following complications of a 14-year fight with Multiple Myeloma
(a cancer arising from the plasma cells.)
The clock. Time. Make use of your time. You know, all that kind of stuff....


Columbus, Ohio:

Columbus, Ohio
Our state's capital - and home of the Ohio Statehouse!

French Creek Medical
3450 Long Road
Avon, OH 44011
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