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"The Matt", Bailey Model 28, Mobile Athletic Treatment Table w/ Built-In Wheels
"The Matt", Bailey Model 28, Mobile Athletic Treatment Table
Vinyl Upholstery

Our Price: $2,100.00
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Call for quote instead!

This table is custom-built to your specifications.

Upholstery, color choices and possible team logo (at a surcharge) make this table
a custom, made-to-order build at the Bailey Manufacturing facility in Lodi, Ohio.

Build time:
Production time is about four (4) weeks or more on this unit
as this table is strictly a "custom job" !!!
Call Tom with French Creek Medical at
and we will interface with our Bailey sales rep to obtain
the current production schedule down at
the Bailey Manufacturing Factory
located just south of Cleveland down in Lodi, Ohio.
Production time varies based on what's next in line for production.

To make logistics more affordable for everyone involved,
French Creek Medical is currently only offering "The Matt"
to those customers in geographic regions that are
somewhat nearby to Cleveland, Ohio whereby we can deliver this
on-board our own delivery van.
That being said, we'll work with you here in OHIO.
In this distribution model, we ourselves pick-up "The Matt" table
from Bailey Manufacturing which is 45 min. south of French Creek Medical
Then we would we run it over to your ship-to address ourselves.
Note that currently, we only have "a nexus" in the state of OHIO
and so the sales tax would be 6.75% Lorain County Rate.

Here are some hypothetical distribution examples
from French Creek Medical:
Simply, click on each red push-pin below.
An algorithm has been coded. Clicking on each pin will bring up a "Hypothetical distribution map" of each area of OHIO.
(northeast,southeast, southwest, northwest)
This makes good sense for those "on the border" who are looking for a great deal on shipping - because the shipping will be FREE!
French Creek Medical could work with you to get this table from Bailey Manufacturing with free delivery in OHIO
as long as we distribute the table within the state of OHIO.

See it on
Google Maps
-If you are in Pittsburgh, PA:
We'll meet you on the OHIO state line,
say at our motel lobby in Boardman, Ohio
and we'll distribute the table to you there.

See it on
Google Maps
-If you are in Kentucky:
Then we'll meet you at our motel lobby
just across the OHIO River in Cincinnati, Ohio.

See it on
Google Maps
-If you are in Erie, PA:
We'll meet you on the OHIO state line,
say at our motel lobby in Ashtabula, Ohio
and we'll distribute the table to you there.

See it on
Google Maps
-If you are in

-Wheeling, West Virginia

-Weirton, West Virginia

-The Southwest Suburbs of Pittsburgh
Including Robinson Township / Pittsburgh International Airport area
Then we'll meet you at our motel lobby
just across the OHIO River in Steubenville, OHIO
(Incidentally, Steubenville is home of the historic "Fort Steuben"
and was also the childhood home of Dean Martin)

I, Tom with French Creek Medical must've over-nighted down in Steubenville, Ohio
at least 25 (or more) times in my own lifetime! After each overnight,
when checking out of the Steubenville motel, in the morning, I'd always "jaw" with the front desk clerk
over coffee about Dean Martin himself: "Q: "Where'd Dean Martin live?"
"Q: Did your parents go to school with Dean?" - and so on...Hahaha

The funny thing is this: You look at the town of Steubenville there...and it's
a fairly simple, Ohio river town. In my own mind, Pittsburgh across the river has
much more Hollywood "glitz" than Steubenville!
But then, you watch these
old-timey performances and you see how this kid from Steubenville
"pulled himself up by his bootstraps"
to ABSOLUTE stardom thru the 1960's-1970's;
Remarkable !!!!
Anyhow, apparently the house where he grew up is gone.
This is per several front desk clerks
each that that I'd "chit-chat" with about Dino.
There IS a spaghetti restaurant where Dino would enjoy traditional fare.
(Tom with French Creek Medical has never been to the restaurant.
I have been to the Steubenville Bob Evans. Very nice!!!)

See it on
Google Maps
-If you are in Indianapolis:
Then we'll meet you on the I-70
near Eaton, Ohio at
our motel lobby in New Paris, Ohio
just "a stone's throw" from
Richmond at the Indiana line.

See it on
Google Maps
-If you are in Detroit:
We could meet with you in Northwestern Ohio in
Toledo's northside. This would be somewhere along
the I-75 corridor by the Jeep factory
or over by the GM transmission plant.
This would be somewhere
by the junction of "Alexis Road"
at "The Telegraph Road" over in
Northern Toledo.
Obviously this is south of the
the tall stacks in Monroe, Michigan
and south down the Lake Erie shore from
Luna Pier itself.

Heck, if you've got a yacht
or a "cabin cruiser"
(that you can skipper out of Detroit)
then we could even
make a working vacation
out of "the deal" meet you at
Put-in-Bay (that's South Bass Island)
or at Kelley's Island with your new table?
Both of these Lake Erie Islands
are still in OHIO!
(Not Pelee Island - that island is in Canada.)
Heck, we'll sell this table to the Canadians too.
(Be sure to declare your duty on the table
when you you sail back into Canada!)
We ♥ our Canadian neighbors at French Creek!
Just as long as our feet are planted in OHIO
then we can deliver and sell this table
and that includes on any Lake Erie island
here in OHIO!

Here's a F.A.Q about in-person delivery and interstate sales of things like treatment tables:

Q: What's all the fuss????
What don't you just drive the treatment table (in your little delivery van) all the way across the state line over to me here in my state - a state that is not OHIO???

A: We play by the rules here at French Creek.
Hypothetically, the minute we make a sale (in person)
in another state then we would have to declare a "nexus" there.
That's because it was Tom with French Creek Medical in person delivering the table - not UPS or USPS.

Presently, French Creek Medical does not have the infrastructure
to send a sales rep into all these states bordering OHIO.
It would not be worth all of the added paperwork for us to declare "a nexus" outside of OHIO.

We looked into this: Some states even require an in-state mailing address for out-of-state vendors.
So in that model, we are forwarding our out-of-state mail back to OHIO.

Now, If we ship product out-of-state by UPS then that is a different story.
That is because we hired UPS to deliver it there, not us.
We are not physically in that other state....but the UPS driver is.
The UPS driver is not French Creek Medical.
He's with the United Parcel Service.
Go figure!

Now here's another "twist" as we understand it:
So if we drive into another neighboring state....and then...
we start making a bunch of cold-calls in person....then we have a "nexus" in that state
because it's our salesperson there making calls in that state.
Again, the sales calls are considered "a nexus".

So that is the reason that we'll meet you on the state line....
(On the OHIO side of the state line...)

The sale will take place here in OHIO.
The sales tax will be the 6.75% Lorain County Rate.

Now haul your treatment table
back to your home state (in the back of your pickup truck)
and ENJOY your new table in Pittsburgh,
Weirton, Detroit, Indianapolis, Lexington
or even in Fort Wayne!!!

While this table is portable,
the dimensional weight
(specifically, the LENGTH)
makes this table very costly to ship.

That is why
we'd rather deliver this table ourselves....
and so would you - we think!

Shipping costs are going thru the roof....

Call Tom with French Creek Medical at 1-800-274-6163
for pricing and availability based on your delivery address....
or send an e-mail to:

Here are some more specifications and photos:

"The Matt", Bailey Model 28
Mobile Athletic Treatment Table
features built-in 7-inch wheels with ball-bearings
for easy transport.

Just fold and go!

"The Matt"
Portable Sideline Treatment Table
Bailey Manufacturing Model 28

Click for
the official
Bailey Mfg.

in .pdf
format →
  • Dimensions 23" W x 34" H x 66" L
  • Weight capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Black powder-coated frame locks in place, open and closed with spring-loaded plunger locks
  • May be easily moved using 7-inch ball bearing wheels
  • Standard pressed 2" padding under upholstery
  • Sewn team striped or embroidered logo upholstery is available for an upcharge
  • End panel team logos available for an upcharge

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