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Category Index
#10 Mailing Envelopes
AliMed® Freedom® BFO™
FlexiPac® Hot & Cold Compress
Free Delivery of Medical Supplies in Cleveland, Ohio
Topical Analgesic Gels
Elgin PRG™
Helix Professional Pain Relief (Parker Laboratories)
Cold Spot™ Point Relief™
Latex Finger Cots
(Non Medical)

Children's Snow Skis
Ski Boots and Ski Poles (pre-owned)

ALL Ski Equipment: Both Cross Country AND Downhill (pre-owned)
CROSS-COUNTRY Ski Equipment (pre-owned)
DOWNHILL Ski Equipment (pre-owned)
Capital Equipment

December 2018
Vendor Specials
and items that are
"New for December"

Exercise Bands
LATEX Exercise Bands
  > 6 yd Cando™ Exercise Bands (LATEX)
  > 6 yd Thera-Band® by Hygenic Corp. (LATEX)
  > 50 yd Cando™ Exercise Bands (LATEX)
  > 50 yd Body Sport Exercise Band (Sourced from MeyerPT, MeyerDC and Milliken Medical) (LATEX)
  > 50 yd Thera-Band® by Hygenic Corp. (LATEX)
  > Box of 30 individually wrapped, 5-foot bands Thera-Band® by Hygenic Corp. (LATEX)
REP Band® NON-LATEX Exercise Bands
  > 6 YD REP Band® (NO LATEX, No Powder) by Magister Corp.
  > 50 YD REP Band® (NO LATEX, No Powder) by Magister Corp.
  > REP Band® 3-Pack Exercise Kits (No Latex, No Powder)
  > 5-Foot Pre-Cut Lengths of REP Band® (No Latex, No Powder)
Accessories for use with Exercise Band
Ultrasound Gel/Lotion
BLUE Ultrasound Gel
Ultrasound Lotion
CLEAR Ultrasound Gel
Misc. Ultrasound Supplies
Elasto-Gel™ Hot/Cold Therapy Products
Exam Gloves
Latex Exam Gloves
Glove'n Care® Hand Creme
Nitrile Exam Gloves
Glove Box Holders/Dispensers
Vinyl Exam Gloves
Black Nitrile Gloves
Clinic Supplies
Cold Packs / Cold Therapy
  > STANDARD Size (11" x 14") Blue Vinyl Cold Packs
  > NECK Contour (23") Blue Vinyl Cold Packs
  > OVERSIZE (11" x 21") Blue Vinyl Cold Packs
  > Miscellaneous Sizes of Blue Vinyl Cold Packs
Elasto-Gel™ Hot/Cold Therapy Products
Soft Comfort Corpak® Hot & Cold Packs (Core Products)
FlexiPac® by DJO Chattanooga
Ice Massage Tools
Instant Cold Packs
ColPac® Freezer
Evaluation Tools
  > Baseline® Hi-Res™ Transparent Plastic Goniometers
  > Baseline® Transparent Plastic Goniometers
Cloth Tape Measures
Neurological, Sensory and Response Hammers
Pivotal Therapy System
Tape & Taping Supplies
SpiderTech™ Kinesiology Tape
Dynamic Tape
Anchor™ Rigid Strapping Tape & Anchor™ Fix Multipurpose Cover Tape (North Coast Medical)
Leukotape® & Cover Roll® (BSN Medical)
Lightplast® Tape (BSN Medical)
Micropore™ Tape (3M™)
OmniFix® Tape (Hartmann-Conco)
Taping Sprays
Transpore™ Tape (3M™)
Blenderm™ Surgical Tape (3M™)
Wet Pruf® Tape (Kendall/Tyco)
Zonas® Tape (Johnson & Johnson)
Adhesive Tape Removers
Durapore™ Tape (3M™)
Waterproof Cast Protectors
Arm Waterproof Cast Protectors
Foot Waterproof Cast Protectors
Hand Waterproof Cast Protectors
Leg Waterproof Cast Protectors
Office Supply Items
#10 Mailing Envelopes
8.5" x 11" White Paper ( for Home and Office Printing )
Ballpoint Pens
Clear Plastic Bags, size 8" x 10", 2 mil thick with zip top closure
Facial Tissues (Small Tissue Box Size - Perfect for Reception or Desk)
Hand Therapy
Cando™ Theraputty® -and- Empty Putty Cups & Lids
Hand Exercise Blocks (made from Memory Foam)
Replacement Latex-Free Rubber Bands for Rolyan Ergonomic Hand Exercisers
Air-Putty® from North Coast Medical
Elasto-Gel™ Hand Exercisers
Hand Exercise Balls & Gel Ball Hand Exercisers
Hand Exercise Webs
Specialty Shoelaces
Yoga and Pilates
Paper Consumables
Disposable Exam Shorts
Drape Sheets
Pillowcases (Tissue/Poly)
Facial Tissue
Exam Table Paper (Smooth & Crepe)
Headrest Sheets
Smooth Headrest Paper, 8.5" x 225 foot rolls (TIDI Products Item# 980899)
Paper Towels
ProBasics Aluminum Crutches
Wheelchair Cushions
Crutch-Mate™ Gel Crutch Pads
Replacement Crutch Parts
Canes (Quad Canes & Straight Canes)
Gait Belts
Transfer Boards
Walkers and Accessories
Other Mobility Items
Trekking Poles
Athletic Training Supplies
Wound Care
Sterile Gauze
  > 2" x 2" Sterile Gauze
  > 3" x 3" Sterile Gauze
  > 4" x 4" Sterile Gauze
Non-Sterile Gauze
  > 2" x 2" Non-Sterile Gauze
  > 3" x 3" Non-Sterile Gauze
  > 4" x 4" Non-Sterile Gauze
Adhesive Bandage Products
Adhesive Skin Closure Products
Wound Dressing Protection for Use While Showering
Massage Therapy
Massage Creams
Massage Lotions
Massage Tools (including Massage Rollers, Massage Sticks, Roller Massagers, Mini Vib. and Fascia Tools)
ROUND Neurostimulation Electrodes (ALL BRANDS)
Axelgaard PALS® Neurostimulation Electrodes
SQUARE Neurostimulation Electrodes (ALL BRANDS)
Richmar® MultiStim and SuperStim Electrodes
RECTANGULAR Neurostimulation Electrodes (ALL BRANDS)
OVAL Neurostimulation Electrodes (ALL BRANDS)
Red and Black Carbon Electrodes
Electrotherapy Preps, Sprays, Lotions , Gels and Adhesive Removers
TENS Units
Clinical E-Stim Units
Replacement Leadwires
  > for TENS unit
  > for Dynatronics
  > for Intelect® XT and Vectra® (Chattanooga)
  > fits My-O-Matic™ units (aftermarket / "CMP brand" cable)
Empty Clear Plastic Bags (helps to organize many brands of electrode packs)
Clinician-requested "mixed bags" of electrode packs. (Specific item numbers for a specific application)
Inflatable Seating Rings
Cotton Elastic Bandages
Infection Control
Hand Hygiene
  > Foamed Antiseptic Handrub and Dispensers
  > Hand Wipes
  > Purell® Brand Hand Sanitizer
  > Steris® CalStat® Plus Antiseptic Handrubs for Healthcare Personnel
  > Steris® Wall Mount Dispensers (empty units)
Hard Surface Cleaners and Hard Surface Disinfectants
Personal Protective Equipment (for use during disinfection)
Ultrasound Transducer Cleansing Solutions
Cohesive Bandages
Co-Flex® by Andover™ (Latex)
Co-Flex® NL by Andover™(Non Latex)
Coban™ by 3M™ (Latex)
Adult Diapers & Disposable Underwear
Chux & Underpads
   (place on seating to protect wheelchairs, bedding, furniture)

Light Protection Incontinence Pads
   (for use in regular underwear)

Personal Cleansing Wipes
Janitorial Supplies
Foot Stools/Step Stools
Exercise Tubing
Cando® Exercise Tubing (LATEX)
Rep Band® Exercise Tubing (NO LATEX)
Thera-Band® Exercise Tubing (LATEX)
Accesories for use with Exercise Tubing
Exercise Balls & Accessories
Exercise Balls - All Sizes
Exercise Ball Pumps & Accessories
Food Service
Pulse Oximetry
Clinical Pulse Oximeter Units
(for use in Hospital, Home Care, EMS/Transport,
Speech Therapy working with Dysphagia & Swallowing Disorders )

Over-The-Counter Pulse Oximeter Units
(for use at home)

Call Bell
Foot Stools
Hip Kits
Leg Lifters
Shoe Horns
Sock Aid / Dressing Aid
Hair-Washing Solutions
Emesis Bags
Nylatex Wraps
Single Rolls
Paraffin Baths & Supplies
Paraffin Refills
Paraffin Bath Units
Paraffin Accessories
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Hot Packs & Covers
This category contains hot packs designed for use in clinical heating units (all brands)
Hydrocollator® Terry Covers for HotPac (DJO/Chattanooga)
The Original Hydrocollator® Moist Heat HotPac (DJO/Chattanooga)
Therabeads® Moist Heat Packs
Relief Pak® HotSpot® Moist Heat Packs (Fabrication Enterprises)
Therabeads® Professional Moist Heat Packs
FlexiPac® Hot & Cold Compress
Elasto-Gel™ Hot/Cold Therapy Products
HydraHeat Packs (Richmar)
Cuff Weights
Lumbar Rolls/Lumbar Cushions
Foam Rolls
and similar

Foam Rolls and Foam Roll Covers
  > 6" x 12" Half Round Foam Rolls
  > 6" x 12" Round Foam Rolls
  > 6" x 36" Half Round Foam Rolls
  > 6" x 36" Round Foam Rolls
  > Foam Roll Covers
other foam products (for use with physical therapy & physical rehabilitation)
Stainless Steel Carts
Tumble Forms 2®
Tumble Forms 2® Raised Rolls
Tumble Forms 2® Wedges
Foot Exercise, Plantar Fascia Stretching, and Foot Strengthening
Pedal Exercisers
Shoulder Pulleys - All Brands
Straps for Stretching Out - All Brands
Gel/Lotion Warmers
Stethoscopes/BP Cuffs
Blood Pressure Cuffs
  > ECONOMY Aneroid Blood Pressure Cuffs
  > Blood Pressure Cuff with a Matching Stethoscope (Combo Kit)
  > HIGH-QUALITY Aneroid Blood Pressure Cuffs
3M™ Littmann® Brand Stethoscopes
Combination Kits (BP Cuff w/ Matching Stethoscope)
Parts and Accessories for BP Cuffs & Stethoscopes
Balance, Proprioception and Ankle Exercise
Orthopedic Supports, Arthritis Compression and Orthotics
Ankle Supports
Arm Slings
Back Supports
Cervical Collars
Compression Arthritis Gloves
Elbow Supports
Foot and Heel Orthotics / Toe Products
  > AliMed® Freedom® BFO™ Half-Sole Insoles
  > Heel Cushions
  > Heel Lifts and Leg-Length Discrepancy Pads
    • Adjustable Heel Lifts with Peel-Away Layers
    • AliMed® Leg-Length Discrepancy Pads (Viscoelastic)
  > Toe Products
Knee Supports & Arthritis Knee Sleeves
  > Arthitis Knee Sleeve
  > Rolyan® 7847 Knee Supports w/ Patellar Cut out, Black
Thumb Supports
Wrist Supports
  > Carpal Lock®, CMO Scott Specialties, Inc.
  > Cock-Up Wrist Splint, CMO Scott Specialties, Inc. Model 7001
Fiber Support Pillows
Hot Pack Heating Units
Patient Room
(Bed, Bath & Living Room)

Accessories for Homecare Bed
Bath Products
  > Bath Transfer Bench
  > Bath Chair, Shower Chairs and Foam Bath Seat Cushions
  > Bath Supplies
  > Hair-Washing Solutions
Overbed Tables
  > Bed Pans & Urinals
  > Commodes, Commode Liners, Commode Pails and Accessories
Patient Lifts
Foam Bed Wedge, Inflatable Bed Wedge, Foam Heel Pillow and Similar
Procedure Masks
Sensory OT Corn Brush & Corn Brush Handle
Anatomical Models
Home Page Display
Lymphedema Care Products
Splinting Materials
Professional Stools & Replacement Parts
Professional Stools
Replacement Parts for Professional Stools
Exam Treatment Tables
BAILEY brand tables
HAUSMANN brand tables
Tables (All Brands)
Medical Apparel
Healthcare Uniforms ( Workwear such as: Nursing Scrubs, Scrub Tops and Scrub Pants)
  > Scrub Tops
  > White T-Shirts (To Wear Under Scrub Tops)
  > Scrub Pants
Patient Apparel (Medical Apparel for Patients)
  > Patient Gowns and Convalescent Gowns
  > Exam Shorts
  > Adult Bibs and Patient Protectors
    • QuickBib®
    • Adult Bibs with "hook-and-loop" fasteners
  > Nufoot® Neoprene Indoor Footwear (Ideal for gym, pilates studio, hotel, hospital, etc.)
  > Patient Tread Slippers and Patient Tread Socks
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